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Even more on fishing costs….

I am a strong believer that while yes expensive fishing gear will definitely last longer and be much more versatile in the long run, but try the sport/hobby out for a very small start up cost first, before you start emptying your pockets out at Bass Pro Shops.

This goes for anything, give a try for a few bucks then when you want to get more into that hobby you can justify spending more money.   With fishing it’s simple do some reading on the species of fish Canada has to offer(or your country has to offer) and match yourself to a style you think you might enjoy.

Example: I am not a fly fishing person right now, possibly one day when I decide to try it out but I like the fast casting style and searching for fish.

Once you home in on what you want to fish for, you do some reading on that fish and what is required to be successful in catching that species.

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