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Even more on power fishing/casting…

Some tips to help you along with mastering a baitcasting reel:

1) Practice, practice, “PRACTICE” ! ! !

2) let out around 20ft of line and tape a piece of hockey/electrical tape and tape the line down on your spool.  This will prevent of any backlash from happening because once the bait hits the ground, the tape stops more line from coming off the spool

3) Learn to keep your thumb on the spool, as I like to say you can’t thumb too much !

4) practice off the water, in your backyard, driveway, or wherever just tie a small weight on the end and cast away.

5) be sure to keep your eyes on the bait, learn to connect what your eyes see happening with the response of your thumb.   Once your eyes catch the bait just about to hit the ground, your thumb should already be applying more downward pressure.

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