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Exciting news to share ! ! !

To all my followers and everyone else on Tumblr, I wrote a post earlier this week about some up and coming news I had and to keep an eye out for it, well the time has come for me to share this with all of you !

The past 7 months of running my blog on Tumblr has been nothing shy of “UNBELIEVABLE” !  I have met sooooooooooooooo many amateur fishing people through this blog and had some very interesting chat with some others.

Well due to some limitations on Tumblr with respect to what my long term goals are with what I have chosen to do I now have a website that I wanted to pass along to everyone in the fishing world ! ! !   THIS DOES NOT mean I will be stopping my Tumblr blog, quite the contrary as I have it linked into my site and I will continue my written posts and picture posts.

Feel free to visit me at for more about me and in general what I am striving to achieve from this experience.  I am running a fishing video blog, which will touch on so many topics relating to fishing.   My goal through this video blog in to provide the information throughout my blog in video format, BUT the key thing here is I am able to be much more informative through a 3 to 4 minute video, as I can do several blogs on one topic covering the in’s and out’s of that topic.

I am very excited to be able to provide such content to first off all my followers on Tumblr and the fishing world !   I was always the guy who hated being on camera, unfortunately I do have as shy side to me, BUT in this social media world I needed to take a leap of a lifetime to pass my passion for fishing on through many video blogs.

I will ask all of you to bare with me through my videos, I have started coming out of my shell on camera(took a while), as I noticed I was very serious in many of them that is just me being super meticulous when it comes to trying to cover all the detail I can in each video.

Totally can assure you that my personality has started to shine in some of my recent videos, so  I really do hope they add some value to all of you.  

Launched my first introductory video yesterday night and my plan is to provide a new fishing blog video every week and a half to two weeks, that will run on the homepage of my website.

This will sound weird after everything I have typed above but I am beyond words at how this has all come together, it is truly an opportunity of a lifetime that I am happy to have moved forward with as my end result is to help others learn to fish and build their own passion for fishing ! ! !

Lots to come everyone so please feel free to provide me with any feedback you may have…… soon ! ! !

The AMFish guy…

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