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First two AMFisHers photo’s on my website, very “exciting”!

Hellooooooooo AMFisHers!   Had to share some good news as my AMFisHers enthusiast’s photo page it up and running!  

Take a look through this link:

Had one of my Tumblr followers and his friend be kind enough to submit pictures of their recent catches, and good catches at that all while sporting one of my t-shirts, pretty cool and awesome to see my blog has reached many of you and that it has exposed me to some very cool conversations with many of you as well.

It has been a very long road that I have travelled down putting all this together and I look forward to every second of it, I mean common talking about fishing all the time who would say no to that?

If you feel like submitting a picture of one of your good catches, you can email me at after you have read all the info and disclaimer in the Enthusiast’s page.

Thanks for being yourselves everyone, it’s truly a blast talking and sharing fishing info with all of you!!!!

The AMFisH guy…

#catchingfish #fish #fishing #lakes

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