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Fishing trip was amazing ! ! !

Helloooooooooooooo Tumble followers, Tumblr people I don’t know yet and all amateur fishing people out there !   My boys fishing trip up on the Ottawa river here in Canada came to and end this past Saturday and what a trip it was !

Hoped I could do a few more posts into Tumblr but we were in a pretty remote area across from the army base, cell phone reception is not the greatest at times let alone trying to load into Tumblr through the internet.  

Made various attempts and had most of them fail, it was what it was so I am back at home on my laptop typing away !   Have lots of fishing/scenic pictures to share as well as some more tips when it comes to fishing large deep bodies of waters, like the river on was on.

Keep an eye out for posts in the next few days, totally want to share some of the “gorgeous” scenery I was fortunate enough to enjoy while on vacation.

Chat soon everyone…

The AMFisH guy…

#fish #fishing #lakes

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