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Fishing with frog baits…

I can’t even start to explain how amazing top water fishing actually is !   Let’s just say it is out of this world and sure does keep you on your toes ! ! !   Posted a pic of a rock bass that hit my go to scum frog, well wanted to touch of frog fishing in general.

My go to frog is the scum from series when it comes to an actual frog bait not a soft plastic frog, that in itself is an entirely different application which I will blog about more.   I have found that the scum frogs are reasonable priced compared to other frogs on the market, they are also made of very soft squeezable rubber that is surprisingly durable for being so soft.

They have great hooks that are already slightly bent upwards to allow for better hook sets, yes you can actually use pliers to bend your frog hooks a little more open to allow for a better hook set – basically exposes the hook barb a little more so it is not too tight to the frogs body. 

The scum frogs body pushing down quite easily exposing the hooks even with a very soft touch, this is quite unique as some other frogs tend to be very brittle and require a lot of pressure to expose the hooks, which can result in missed fish.  

I will always encourage people to try various frog baits, why because with fishing sometimes it is a preference thing, BUT what you should remember is stick to colours that match the actual frogs you see around where you fish, example: if you fish on a pond that mainly has dark brown toads, well a bright yellow frog will probably still catch some fish but not as many as a colour that resembles the natural bait there.

I tried a little frog bait repair technique a while back as I was always throwing away torn frog baits, WELL YOU CAN REPAIR THEM if they are not torn too much.  Simply hold a nail with some pliers and heat it up with a lighter for several seconds, from here you touch the nail along the torn part on the frogs body.

A slight touch is all it needs, you will smell the rubber burning but that is ok the nail is hot but now a flame so what it does is melt the torn part together, resulting in a salvaged frog bait !

The AMFisH guy…

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