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Focus on making life “amazing”!

So far these last few days have been great !  Enjoyed some nice dinners, gatherings, chats with friends, all in all what you would expect during this time of year.  Through recent chats I have had with my close friend Vanja we both come to the same conclusion, keeping moving forward with efforts to make life the best it can be !

Our chats are always focused on what we want to do in life and how we will take all the steps needed so to get there, WELL we all have this in us !  Being happy or at least happier is not too far off, for most people it is right there in front of our eyes.

This is just me sharing with everyone as we all have the ups, downs and u turns in life that will always be there BUT we also forget that we have brakes and a gas peddle to motor through some of the not so good stuff life throws at us.  I have shared before 2012 was a very trying year for me but I stayed focused, adjusted things along the way and made it through everything that was tossed at me.

I surround myself with all the good people I know, this reminds me that by doing this I can fight off all the negativity that we at times allow into our lives.  Challenges are great even the really tough ones like broken hearts, losing someone, the list goes on and on BUT getting through stuff like that will build strength inside.  

Being happier is for the most part a “smile” away, that gets the ball rolling and once it’s moving run after it !  Growth within heals many things, sure it takes time but well worth embracing wanting better in your life…

The AMFisH guy…

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