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Good starting baits for beginners…

Nothing worse then wanting to get into fishing and seeing more then 1000 baits staring at you in the local fishing store.   Well some simple baits to start out with that do catch multiple species are spinner baits and crank baits, yup pretty simple baits to use !

These fall into the search bait category, which means baits fisherman use at the start of a fishing day to see what the fish are into and to cover a lot of water quickly.   There are hundreds to pick from in almost every colour you can imagine.

Simple simple “simple” is where to keep things at this early stage, your basic white spinner bait and chartreuse spinner bait are a good two baits to pick up.   With crank baits a black silver(common bait fish colour) and a white will also do the trick.  

From here you read up on retrieve methods in a little more detail and hit the lakes !   There is nothing really special when it comes to working these baits, there are pretty much cast and retrieve BUT always try different retrieves with both of these style baits.

Get used to working them at a very fast retrieve, medium retrieve, slow retrieve and erratic style retrieve with lots of pauses.   Like I said pretty simple cast and retrieve baits here that really do produce fish.

Manufacturers to consider for crank baits are Rapala, Strike King, Mann’s and Cotton Cordell, these companies sure know how to make baits that result in fish in the boat !

Pick a few up and give them a try, feel free to ask me any questions along the way as well…

The AMFisH guy…

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