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“GREAT” ways to store your soft plastic baits !

When it comes to storing soft plastic baits there is pretty much one really good way and that is keeping them in the original packaging they came in.  I just make sure not to tear along any packages that have a tear strip I use scissors and make a very clean line right across it slightly higher which leaves for good closing coverage.   Make sure the are pressed completely shut each time you open them, this makes a huge difference.

If for some reason the original package splits open the second best option is to get soft plastic storage bags from your local fishing store.  They have specific bags that are “worm proof” which is basically a stronger sealed ziplock bag that is designed specifically for storing soft plastics.

They do have plastic worm tackle box trays and I have tried that method in the past, BUT I was not a fan as those boxes are not air tight which can lead to them drying out or colours blending together underneath the divider peices.

Keep them sealed nice and tight inside the original package with original liquid in the package, then place those packages inside a freezer grad ziplock bag, they will stay nice and soft for a long time.

You can also try a sealed tupperware compartment, they have once that you can acutally suck the air out of which is exactly what you want in a storage container “no air” as that contributes to drying of the baits.

In the end there is nothing worse then grabbing for a package to find them all dried up, even worse if the fish are biting.

The AMFisH guy…

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