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Happy moment’s in life ! ! ! !

I felt the need to share a really happy moment in my life, as my long time friend and realtor not to mention my #1 supporter with my AMFisH venture Andrei Angelkovski recently wrote and published his first book on property investment !

Now for those of you who follow my blog, you will know I am a person who values the quality if good friends, family and people more then anything else in the world which is why I am “extremely” proud of my good friend and this wonderful achievement !

In life we meet various people and this particular friend, well not sure where to start as it has been a life long journey through life with him.  We went to the same school, worked together, hung out quite a bit, got our first full time jobs around the same time, he witnessed one of the all time greatest fall’s of mine while skiing(that story I need to share sometime truly hilarious !), we have been through it all.

Being there from the start of him wanting to get into realestate and seeing what he have achieved in the past several years is quiet extraordinary I must say.   Nothing beats the support of good people and being surrounded by them in your life, which is why I am writing this blog post today.

If you know anyone who is into investing, parents, friends, family you name it feel free to pass this link along, sure this is based on investing in the Toronto Canada beaches area BUT there is a lot of information in his book that can be downloaded off his website for “FREE” !

I will leave you with these last few words, stand by those friends who you have been standing by most of your lives, WHY well I should not have to answer that you should just know…

The AMFisH guy…

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