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I am open to suggestions for video blog topics !

As most of you know I am doing my videos for all of you, wanted to share my passion for fishing with the world and figured what better way to do it then through a series of fishing topic videos !

Well I have a very lengthy list of topics to make videos on BUT I also wanted to engage the people my videos are directed at so on that note if you have anything you would like a video done on feel free to let me know via a message through Tumblr or and email at

Keep in mind I am a freshwater fisherman due to the fact that I don’t have an ocean near me(damn it!) and I will consider all topics but they will have to fit some requirements in order for me to do them correctly.

From stuff like tying knots, how baits run, fishing rod & reels questions, maintenance of gear, safe boating, rigging baits, species specific questions, again I have a very lengthy list of idea but really wanted to engage everyone as people to write me with questions that I answer back on, BUT a video sometimes does a much better job explaining what we all might miss in a written message.

Thanks again for following and I hope my videos now and moving forward will help you add knowledge to your fishing skills ! ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…


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