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Importance of holding your fishing rod while trolling…

Taking a few minutes to write up a short fishing blog post of the importance of holding your fishing rod while trolling.   Most of us amateurs are not rigged up with serious down riggers or rod holders, WHY because we are “amateurs” !

I fish in a bass boat now BUT not always, started in small aluminum boats that I used to rent so there was not much with respect to rod holders of anything, yet I found ways to secure my fishing rods while trolling BUT after several missed fish I realised it was crucial to hold my fishing rod.

You have a instant feel of everything that is going on with your bait, especially feeling it “DANCE”, a term for it swimming side to side as it is trolled.   You feel everything from getting hung up on weeds, bumping structure, small attacks, large attacks, currents and so much more.

I have actually yelled out at others who were trolling and not holding their fishing rods that they had a fish on, rods were behind them and the were looking forward talking while the fish was being dragged for serval yards……..not fun for the fish at all and potentially lethal to it.

Although rod holders do serve a greater purpose for the everyday day fishing person and fishing kid get used to holding your fishing rod, tuck the lower handle under your thigh and hold it above the real, as long as you feel your baits dancing things are good, BUT you feel anything change with how it is moving give it a good tug it could be a fish striking !

Hope this post added some value to some of you out there…

The AMFisH guy…

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