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Importance of structure like fallen trees, stumps and more…

Not a person that usually says “never” but in this case I have to !  As a fisherman “never” underestimate structure for locating fish, most species rely on it for various reasons.   From bass to pike to even musky, they will sun themselves near it, use it as part of their fishing strategy, spawning the list goes on and on.

This is very high on my list of spots I try once on the water, always observing where the bait fish and birds are spending time, why because where the birds are spending time means the bait is there and where the bait is usually means not to far off are fish!

Make sure to cast along side man made structure like docks, buoys, floating docks, docked boats, fences near the shore, anything that can provide a safe haven for fish BUT may also be a flow of bait fish.

Natural structures like stumps, fallen trees, rock drop off, weed lines leading to deeper water, all important areas that should not be overlooked.   Your catch fish ratio will sky rocket once you focus on some of these areas, sure this does not mean the structure will produce fish each time, it just means that you should not assume fish would not be somewhere, as there are too many factors involved in making fish move around the water.

Simple things like this when followed can totally change a fishing day for the better ! ! !

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