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Importance of taking pictures while fishing…

I can’t stress how important it is for taking pictures while fishing or of fish that you have caught, WHY well here I am a 36 year old man with next to no fishing pictures of me when I was a child.

As I wrote in past blogs I grew up with European parents that were not outdoors people at all, so I would get the odd time here and there while camping for a few casts in the lake, or while visiting family friends near a lake for a few more casts that was pretty much it. 

I also did not grow up in the technology we have now, back then it was cameras we put film in, so again things were very limited for me as a kid to actually have someone take pictures of me fishing.   Good thing is I have a strong memory and remember the few outings I enjoyed and how happy I was to just be fishing !

So to all you amateur fishing people out there, make sure to take those pictures and lots of them !   Those of you with little kids, please make sure you capture those smiling faces on camera when they catch a fish, WHY because those pictures are absolutely “PRICELESS” ! ! ! !

On a different note pictures are also a great way to track the spots on the lakes that fish were caught at.  I usually log spots in my mind but make sure to take a picture of where I was when I caught the fish, example the big overhanging tree in the calm bay, that sort of stuff.  You would be surprised at how much this helps improve on catching fish ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…

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