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Is catching fish really that difficult ? ? ?

Catching fish is really not that difficult, seriously it is pretty easy most of the time if some steps are followed:

1) Concentrate it is a total must without doing this you will have a lot more difficulty.

2) Pick up on the signs of a bait not being the right bait that day, not easy to do sometimes BUT if you have not caught anything in several minutes of using it try something else.

3) Head out with two rods and 6 baits, push yourself to be successful with little tackle, BUT make sure to take baits with you that you have confidence using.

4) “BE CONFIDENT” !   If you head out thinking about how bad the last time was you have already shot yourself in the foot, be positive and treat each fishing outing as a new day !

5) Make sure you learn something on each outing, little steps like that will only make you better.

I will be doing some video blogs on this topic because I have been asked numerous times why and how were you catching fish today when no one caught anything, seems to be a struggle for many people and I feel passing along some value added stuff through my videos may result in people catching more fish ! ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…


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