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Keep your eyes on the sides of the boat when your cast is almost fully retrieved.

Hi AMFisHers far and wide, wanted to write an important blog post about keeping an eye out beside the boat when you have almost fully retrieved your bait on a cast.

Make sure to do this while shore fishing as well, watch that bait coming in BUT take a look behind, in front, and both sides while retrieving.

I can’t tell you how many fish have followed my bait right to the boat and lunged at it just as I was about to pull it out if the water.

Just this past weekend in the tournament I was flipping creature baits for bass, fishing lots of weed piles in the water, well I am reeling in my bait and just as it starts coming through the surface of the water I see a small pike right on it’s tail.

I was already at the point of no return on that cast, was bringing the bait back to my hand when the pike torpedoes right out if the water after the bait and crashes right into my thigh.

It was a 10” to 11” pike, a mere baby fish the force this guy had to jump about 3ft out of the water, over the front of the boat and into my leg, that was sheer determination to eat the bait.

Keep those eyes focused on anything changing around it near your bait on every retrieve, could result in landing that trophy fish that is stalking your bait right to the end.

Definitely would have made for a great action video, but I was alone focused on testing all my skills in a local tournament.

Watch those baits everyone…to good fishing!

The AMFisH guy…

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