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Learning to pick bait colours…

There are so many baits on the market which already makes things difficult when it comes to picking one, THEN there are 5 to 6 different colours on average for each bait…….could it be more complex for fishing people ??????  

Well it is actually not that bad at all, simple things to follow that make this a not so difficult task:

1) make sure you know what types of bait are in the waters your fish, colours and species of bait fish……this could not be more important.

2) stick to some very common colours, chartreuse, blacks, whites, silver blacks, silver gold, black gold, the basic standard colours as I refer then as.  These colours are very versatile and pretty well know to produce fish.

3) match some baits you have to the feed in the water you fish, example: perch in the lake you fish well have some perch coloured baits, second example: frogs on that lake are only green well use green frogs.

4) focus on what colours have produced fish for you before, those will be your confidence colours and should be set as the standard for what new baits you buy.   This does not mean just get the same colours again and again, just means when picking NEW baits try to be specific as to what you have had confidence in using.

5) if a really strange colour catches your eye don’t hesitate picking it up, fish see so much of the same stuff tossed out at them all the time, there are times where that something totally different will work !    When that happens make a mental note of the weather, time of day, water temp, stuff like that because it will more then likely produce under those same conditions again.

6) “EXPERIMENT” !  don’t be scared to spend a little money on fishing, we all have baits we bought and tucked at the back of the tackle box at some point, it’s comes with the territory BUT try using it a few times before you tuck it back there.  Try something you may never have considered picking up, this step alone will take you down a much needed fishing experience road…

The AMFisH guy…

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