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Let’s make a difference and pay a little forward ! ! ! !

This is not a fishing related post, but more of a post that is all about helping someone achieve a very important thing they are doing.   I have quite a historical connection with cancer, due to some volunteer work I did here in Toronto for many years as a cancer patient driver for the Canadian Cancer Society.

It was quite a life changing experience and one that I was very proud of myself for.  On a weekly basis I had random patients that I would driver to their treatments at local hospitals, met some really amazing people doing this type of volunteer work that ended up being something I will never allow myself to forget.

As many of us I have been touched by cancer through a few very special friends in my life, that changed me as well something you can’t stop from happening after some very tough moments, conversations, hospital runs you name it tough but we all made it through.

Well I was touched by someone else’s battle with cancer just last week, a young woman I work with at my new job.  I barely know her but she shared her story with many of us along with this wonderful thing she decided to do.  I have always said never underestimate the power of a conversation with a stranger, it can be beyond anything you ever thought it would be which is why I decided to help her spread the word about what she is doing.

Below you can find her full story in the link and her original email to us sharing what she has stepped up to do.  Feel free to pass this along to anyone you feel like sharing this with, I am just a humble guy trying to pay it forward with some help I have offered her.

Thanks for reading….The AMFisH guy…

Hi everyone,

I started a petition late last night about the OHIP cut backs on cervical cancer screening and PAP testing for all Ontario women (If you haven’t already heard about this, you can read all about it in the following link).

Please sign my petition at the below link and help me spread the word so we can make a difference.

My goal is to collect 15,000 signatures. I started this petition around 11PM last night and have already been contacted by a newspaper and an Ontario government employee for interviews.

Every signature counts and any support is greatly appreciated!



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