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Let up on the line to unhook a fish…

I have seen far too many people struggle taking fish of the line whether they are in a boat or on shore, in the end potentially harming themselves or the fish.  Little tip here everyone is to leave the line slack, the habit it to grab the line just above the fish and pull it towards us, problem here is the line is tight so there is a lot of resistance on the hook making it extremely difficult to take out.

Grab the line above the fish and let some line off the reel at the same time, this gives you some extra feet of line to work with, while there is no pressure on the hook.  The hook itself on slack line should be easy to wiggle around with the pliers.

Tight line is for when you are fighting the fish, always keep the pressure on BUT when you are releasing a fish there is no need for pressure you actually need slack line to get the hook out easily, which will also allow you to do less harm to the fish as well as release it in a reasonable amount of time.

The AMFisH guy…

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