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Making sure baits run true while fishing…

Time and time again I see this happening and I needed to blog something about it.   Too many people don’t focus on important things while fishing then complain after a day on the water that the fishing sucked and no fish were caught.   Sure there are a million factors we can’t control when it comes to catching fish BUT for goodness sake try to control the ones you can !

During each cast observe what the bait feel likes when it is being retrieved, example a wobble of a crank bait of spinning blades on a spinner bait.   The feel of the bait is something that takes some time to pick up on but it does not mean to flat out avoid it.

During every cast I focus in on the feel of the bait as I am retrieving it, making sure blades are spinning, baits of wobbling WHY because this is a “huge” factor on a fish striking!   If a bait is not working correctly it does not look natural enough to entice a strike, so making sure a spinner bait is not rolling over itself as you retrieve it or a the crank baits hooks are not attached is crucial to producing fish.

Always and I mean “ALWAYS” pay attention to how the bait is performing on every cast, yes every cast take a fresh look at it to ensure it’s running right.   Why waste cast after cast catching nothing when it’s even worse that you know fish are there and you can’t figure out why they are not attacking.

The AMFisH guy…

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