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More on catching fish, yes it’s not that difficult…

Really and truly if you study and educate yourself on a few key things you can virtually catch fish on unknown waters that you have never fished at before.   I spoke in earlier blogs about level fishing and that is a very key thing to focus on.

Sure I can stop at six different small lakes on the drive home cast a top water bait over and over again and catch maybe a few fish, possibly nothing but this is where the level fishing strategy increases your chances for success !

If you try these various levels on those same lakes while you are casting, you have increased isolating in on what is working that day which will surely result in you catching more fish !

Even if you end up catching nothing you need to study and review that fishing day, see where you may have applied something incorrectly, used the wrong bait at the wrong time, basically breakdown the day and see what did not produce any fish, slowly getting to why things did not come together for you.

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