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More on crank baits…

So I touched on some of the basics, from here you should focus on matching the style of bait to the bait that is actually in the water you fish.  If the bait fish in the lake is shorter and fatter you will select crank baits that resemble this style.  On the flip side if the bait fish are slender smelt like style minnows you will then select a longer leaner looking crank bait.

This does not mean that either one of the above will not work in a lake where the bait fish are opposite style of what you are fishing with, it just means that by trying a crank bait that resembles what is in the water will be a clear indicator on what baits you should be fishing with.

The fish in the end will determine what they strike at, fat bait, long thin bait, the factors we can’t control will come into play BUT fishing with a bait that resembles the feed in that water will increase the amount of fish you end up catching.

The AMFisH guy…

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