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More on fish and seeing colors…

As a fisherman it’s hard not to have lots of baits, just something that goes with this sport/hobby.  One strategy behind this is to use the colors that seem to produce for you multiple times and from there have them associated with the bodies of water where they have worked for you.

This is something I have done for many years, WHY well one example is there is no sense of using an orange/red crayfish style bait in a body of water that has not crayfish of that color or in general.   If black and silver always works on a specific lake where no other colors work well there is a reason for this, look long and hard into what that reason is.  Read up on the feed in that body of water and associate the colors you use there with the feed, again touching on the “match the hatch” saying.  

From here I suggest you experiment significantly with colors because again fish can distinguish BUT there will be days where it just does not matter what color you use, strikes will be coming at your baits from all angles and these are the best fishing days!

The AMFisH guy…

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