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More on fishing fever…

In my mid teens I was finally driving and would borough the family car to head out for day fishing trips.   Fished mainly one lake in Ontario which is part of the trent system in Cobourg(about and hour and change out of Toronto).  

Found a boat rental place(Percy Boom Lodge) and reserved a small alluminum boat each week.   Again it did not matter if I caught anything as fishing offered so much more then just catching fish, but the thing is I actually caught lots of fish ! 

Some people find it hard to believe but  give it my all each time I am out trying technique after technique to see what the fish will respond to.   I would head out on to the lake sometimes at 5am, navigating my way around carefully looking for good fishing spots.  

Key thing for me was asking the boat rental guy where some good spots were, he would share general areas but not much detail, so the navigating would begin.

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