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More on fishing frogs…

The line tie loop at the front of the frog on most frog baits is designed to swivel around allowing for better action and maneuverability of the bait as well.   A lot of people like tying the line directly to this loop, again a preference thing BUT I have always fished frog baits on a fluorocarbon leader, while the bait sits on the swivel.

This serves three purposes, first the leader adds some weight to the line making casting a frog out easier, secondly I find that every little twitch results in a few extra kicking to the sides motions with the bait, where as if it was tied directly to the loop you need to work harder to make that frog move around, thirdly a leader keep the fish on should a massive pike or something attack the frog !

ALWAYS fish frogs with the line being slack as possible, no tension on it and I use a fast tip popping motion, resulting in the line going tight for a split second that back to being slack.   This will allow your frog to look as real as possible in the water, tight line will make the action look not so real.

An advantage to the weight on the ass end of the scum frog baits is that the bait sits in the water with the head up and the body with legs sits just under the water like a real frog.  Once it is twitched on the retrieve the legs kick and the frogs moves along BUT once you pause again the head sits out of the water and the body slopes downward, resembles a real frog action AND those fluttering legs just below the water will for sure seal the deal ! ! !

The AMFisH guy…

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