More on how to learn about fishing…

It’s not like I woke up one morning and new how to be amazing at fishing, it took lots of drive to learn about what I am passionate about.   I try to read a fishing magazine a month, also use the internet to read up on techniques I know about and actually apply on the water or to learn new techniques I have never tried.

This is all part of why have a lot of success during each fishing outing, sure the odd day of being “SKUNKED” which is not fun at all, but hey I can’t control mother nature !

My theory is learn learn “LEARN” as much as you can and when you think you know enough get your ass back to learning !    At 35 I am still learning about fishing, sharpening up on some skills that I want to get better at.

So many avenues for learning available to us, start taking advantage of them…

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