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More on keeping and eye out for bad weather signs…

Was out fishing another time with a friend on Bay of Quinte in Belleville Ontario, overcast day with some rain in the forecast, but did it ever turn !  Took a good hard look in the distance and noticed massive deep black bottom clouds forming, watched for a while longer then felt that wind again(you can always tell by that cool wind on your neck), 4 to 5ft swells were in the distance and fishing was over.

We put our lifejackets on started the boat and took off for the dock…..if you think you can ever outrun a storm think again this was in a bass boat with a 115 on the back, did not even stand a chance !

The waves caught up to us before even got a chance to start the boat !  It was a very rough ride to the dock but definitely the smartest choice, when mother nature is having a bad day don’t F _ _ _ with her ! ! !

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