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More on knots….

Don’t let the excitement of fishing prevent you from tying good knots, a half ass knot will only result in potentially missing a really good fish.

I learned this first hand in my early teens fishing with a friend who was so excited to fish with me, he would not wait for me to show him how to tie a few good knots so he twisted and turned his line several times into what he thought was a good enough knot to catch a fish.

Well I know you know where this is going, before we even got into the rental boat that morning he dropped his line beside the dock and bang got a massive hit.

Rod bent over all the way he pulled up and I saw a huge walleye at the end of his line, through drives by that huge fish towards open water and it was gone.  All he reeled in was twisted loose line, he was so upset but this goes to show that the last thing you should ever rush in a tying a good knot.

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