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More on level fishing…

Fish will follow different types of food sources and in the early morning will typically attack something on the surface.   If there are no hits on surface baits, I got to the second level which is fishing just below the surface of the water, about 1 to 2 feet below the surface.   This can be done with a variety of baits, running a spinnerbait shallow, shallow crank bait, swimbait, whatever you can keep in this depth range.

If this level does not produce I got to three which is fishing a bait between 4 and 7ft, deeper running crank, deeper running spinnerbait, swimbait, pretty much any bait again that you can keep in this depth.

If there are still not fish being caught I got to my fourth and final level, which is fishing the bottom, with a jig, deep crank, or a slow finesse bait that I can bump along the bottom.

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