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More on making sure baits are running right…

Once you pay attention to the bait running right on every cast you will see the difference as you continue to fish BUT it does not end here.   Now you focus on the other things that can impact a bait running right, this is where people get a little lazy.   I am taking about “WEEDS” ! ! !  Those damn weeds, slimy ones and regular ones damn do they ever stick to  a bait and drives us fisherman nuts, well it’s part of the game as fish leave in them so there is no real escape from them.

Check you bait for weeds being hung up on the bait body, swivel, line, leader, hooks, o rings, pretty much anywhere on it, and make sure you remove every little piece.  No granted a tinny little piece on a leader could go undetected to a fish that strikes the tail end of the bait, BUT that is not why I am bring this up obstructions like weeds can impact how the bait runs through the water, basically compromising the action of it.

Very crucial thing to consider as it’s far too easy to say “ah it’s just a little piece whatever”, well you might just be saying whatever to a fish of a lifetime, would not be much fun if that was the case.

Take the few seconds it takes to focus in on little details like this, in the end it could result in some great catches that may not have happened for you.

The AMFisH guy…

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