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More on polarized sunglasses…

Beginner, intermediate of pro you don’t need to spend a lot of money on a really good paid of polarized sunglasses, BUT in the end protecting your eyes against harmful rays in not something I would recommend skimping out on.  

Easy solution is to find a middle price range that works and allows you a price where you can afford a working pair and a backup pair, so you are prepared for anything the day throws at you.

Just think of not wearing them and casting to the same sunken tree you have snagged several baits in because you can’t see the tree, this may get my point across more then anything because by wearing them and seeing the sunken tree you will save yourself all those baits and major frustration of snagging up.

A must for every tackle box, so try some on and pic a brand that work best for you.   One more tip is getting a floattion strap for them as well, if by chance they fall off your head into the water, it will prevent them from sinking.

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