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More on shore fishing…..

Shore fishing can be quite productive, returning from day fishing trips at a friends cottage I would stop at lakes I was driving by on the way home, pulled over and grabbed my most favorite rod(my first expensive reel and rod combo from many years ago!)walked down the bank and looked for a few spots I could cast.

Sure enough my chartreuse spinnerbait landed me couple of largemouth bass !  Sure they were not monsters but it does show you that fish can be caught from shore, it’s all in the approach you take.

Think of it this way……oh and it will surprise you just wait…….when you see people fishing in a boat along the edges of the water where are they casting ? ? ? ?  “YES” to shore, people always cast towards shore when they are in a boat.

This is why shore fishing can be very productive if you can’t fish in a boat, fis just don’t sit in one spot the swin around in search of food, better water temperatures, structure for safety, various reasons.

Give shore fishing a try you will be at a loss for words when you start catching more fish ! ! !

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