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More on soft plastic frogs…

I always insert a little rattle chamber into the frog for extra noise and vibration. You can get thin glass ones that you will slide right into the soft plastic body of the bait. Look for head cover areas where you can also let the frog sink into a deeper hole over the weeds, then pull it back up and continue the retrieve.

Practice also running these baits up on to lilly pads and slowly twitching them back into the water, sometimes all it takes if for that bass to see a dangling leg and it will strike.

Lots of brands on the market, look at a few and most importantly make sure you size the frog you pick with a hook for that frog. It will need to be a wide gap hook for some frogs that tend to be bulkier bodied frogs like the ZOOM horny toad series.

As with top water fishing in general the bass with chase after these baits and strike on the fly, hook up ratio for top water hits is not the greatest at all so prepare yourself for lots of misses. I have learned over the years to retrieve at a slightly slower speed once a fish has missed the bait on a few attempts, this usually seals the deal as the fish have more time to focus as they strike.

All in all they are great baits to catch fish with, over thick cover, open water, pitched & flipped around docks as well as around other structure.

The AMFisH guy…

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