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More on spinner baits…

Blades selection on spinner baits comes to application and preference really.  Double colorado blades give off far more vibration in the water then double willow blades of even a willow and colorado mix.  

Willow blades are better when it comes to running through weeds BUT again that comes with knowledge of working this bait.   These are weedless baits but having said that nothing is really 100% weedless, baits will always catch some sort of structure whether it trickles down the line and get stuck or on an O ring, again part of fishing easier to just deal with this part.

The premise behind this bait is that is resemble a bait fish, the head and skirt are the resemblance to the bait fish and the blades are there for flash and vibration to attract the fish.

Smaller spinner baits can usually be work easier at deeper depths, this is something most people do not know.  Also a spinner bait can be cast out into deeper water holding fish and left to sink for several seconds, what the bait will do is helicopter downwards, yup the bait will sink vertically and give off the same action it would when you retrieve it, BUT at a much slower pace to lack of speed.

This is great for when fishing slows down, it can trigger hits as the bait is presented to the fish in a different way.

The AMFisH guy…

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