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More on trying new baits…

I touched on why people should try new fishing baits, but wanted to add a little more to it, why because trying out new products really makes you a fisherman !   New products go hand and hand with becoming a better fisherman, even if you don’t try them right away eventually you will get tired seeing that new bait you bought and never tried, eventually snapping and testing it out !

One of the best times to try new products out is when the fishing is tough, example those really hot days where it’s just so hard to get a bite even on your best producing baits.  Well pull some new products out and give them a test for a while, fish them not actually thinking they will work at that instant, BUT rather more to see how they work, how to use them properly which in the end will make you be prepared when you do actually use them under the right conditions.

Key thing is to get familiar with how products work, applying them to specific species come later but figuring out how a bait works in no different then getting a new cell phone and spending some time reading the manual so you know how to make calls, answer calls or put someone on hold.

Sure you can buy a bait read the back of the package and cast the hell out of it, does not mean it will “ever” produce a fish for you, why because if you are using it wrong and the presentation is all off there is not a snowballs chance in hell it will catch anything !

Tough fishing days a perfect days to practice with new baits, because I can tell you that when it is a good fishing day you ain’t reaching for those new products to try them out, you are sticking with whatever it putting a fish on your line !

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