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My blurb about life…

Felt like writing a blurb about life, not sure why just yet but lots of stuff has come to mind in the last several minutes.  I will start by saying surround yourself with positive people, this was part of a past positivity post, but ties in nicely with this life blurb.

When you are in the company of positive people, whether they are friends, co-workers, family, whoever the feeling you get is beyond explainable !   Secondly instead of wasting time talking about how bad work sucks or how terrible the coffee you had was, try talking about your “passions” and make it a theme of conversation on a regular basis. 

I worked a part time job that came to an end for me late summer, just did not want it any longer as I am moving towards some new exciting business ventures, exposed me to a close friend of mine who I have mentioned in past post’s, his name is Vanja Vojvodic a professional MMA(visit his site he has some postivity posts that reflect the importance of it( fighter who is striving to get into the UFC.

Don’t even know where to start with the conversation’s we had and where we both got to in light of those conversations(keep kicking ass in university buddy as well as a successful business venture you are on, you are doing awesome man !) but I must admit the positivity of those conversations at our workplace is something I truly miss a great deal(thanks for those chats buddy, no more work equal more meet ups for a coffee to chat up a storm).

It was work but we found a way to be very productive through conversations which started to quickly lead us to paths we are traveling now.  What I am getting at is go get whatever you want in life, WHY because sitting around waiting for it is just wasting time,

Go after anything and everything you have ever wanted, be it a career, a person you have liked for a long time, a hobby you have always wanted to get into but never did, just go for it !  

The outcome of even trying this with one things is “astronomical” and I say that because the worst case scenario at least gives you and answer to that unknown, which in the end is what we are all looking for.  BUT the best outcome is something I can’t explain in many words, so here is the short version………………..”BEING HAPPY” !

By trying things and being able to cross them off your list is unreal and so is the outcome.   Sure some answers we may not like or could be hard to deal with, BUT they will take you places you have never been and never thought you would be.

Life can be what you want it to be, just keep moving forward past all the people trying to hold you back, the managers you work for that suck, whatever it is move forward, WHY because we have choices everyone.

I will be writing various future post’s on positivity and will be making some videos are well with my friend the pro fighter pertaining to positivity…..I think our positivity together through our chats is something that can spread to everyone out there.

Two thank you’s are in order to two friend’s of mine who have been my #1 supporter’s on this journey to living my passion, Andrei Angelkovski my long time friend and realtor(check his site out he runs an investing blog which discusses lots of great topics(, huge thank you to you my friend for everything as the list is far to long, you have been extremely supportive from day one and I am very grateful for that.  Secondly my friend Rick Maltese, you have been a tremendous help from day one and nothing shy of a true friend, very thankful to have met someone like you…….flat out awesome !

Everyone out there hope this post at least made you think for a second after reading it, that is the starting point… soon…

The AMFisH guy…

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