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My two day musky hunt is not far off now! – fishing.

Musky season opener is not far off now! Anyone else into hunting for these big boys and girls?

Be sure to stay tuned to my social pages as I will be heading out for a 2 day musky fishing adventure in just over a week, on a great little lake that holds some BEAST’S!

This is a fall musky catch from 2 years ago, very long fish that was not carrying a lot of body weight for it’s overall length.


This illusive fish species has intrigued a different side of the fisherman that I am, as I have always enjoyed all of life’s challenges and muskies do nothing but flat out challenge us to be beyond the best we can be as anglers to try and catch them!

There is a constant learning when you start fishing for muskies and that is the part that drives me more and more each season, putting in those lone 12 to 14 hours fishing days, making every effort possible to figure out where they are, how they want the bait and when they want to eat, all in all a very big task for the fish that is nicknamed the fish of 10,000 casts!

Eagerly looking forward to musky opener this year and this 2 day trip should be quite interesting as I am after the BEAST that I almost caught a couple of years ago right beside the boat, only major difference now is I am fishing for these TANKS from a kayak, which makes it an entirely new ballgame!

If you appreciate hard work that does not pay off all the time, consider getting into musky fishing because that’s exactly what it is. Casting small, medium, large and extra large baits all day long in various conditions, with heavy rods and reels that are needed to land these fish successfully is no easy task, especially after you have made those 10,000 casts with about 50 to 80 different baits.

From a fatigue factor it is flat out grueling physical and mental work, as there are so many different factors that come into play, ranging from dealing with very big baits with very big hooks, right down to the intense focus that is required from assessing which spots will be the most productive for you. All in all musky fishing has offered such an immense challenge to me, which explains why I got hooked fishing for them quite quickly!

This should be quite the adventure to say the least…tight lines everyone!

The AMFisH guy…tight lines!

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