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On the water strategy for making it a good fishing day !

Making the most of your day on the water, can’t be done without a strategy for the day.   As mentioned in past messages I tend to fish the same 4 to 5 bodies of water repeatedly every year, as this allows me to learn the water very well and find the best spots that will produce fish.

Once I get on the water I try all my current spots that I have fished before, what this does is allow me to see what the fish behaviour is for that day.   If I try the spots I have fished before and the fish are not on, then I know I really need to think more that day on where on that water I need to fish and what techniques/baits I should be using.

The outcome of the day will very obviously depending on current weather conditions more then anything else.   Starting strategy is head to the the spots you fish, cast the same baits as the last time you caught fish there and observe what happens very carefully.

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