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One piece fishing rod or two piece what is better…

Over the years and many outing to fishing stores I have been asked what rods are better one of two piece.   Well there is no real answer here, they each serve their own purposes and the decision comes down to the applications you are a fishing person want available to you.

Finding a one piece rod many moons ago was a task in itself and now we can select from two piece rods, telescopic rods and one piece rods so we have come a long way.  Currently all my fishing rods setup with bait casting reels are one piece rods, all in various lengths and the things that stood out for me with one piece rods is they seemed stronger for some reason.

This is not to say a telescopic rod or two piece don’t have strength, no no no again it comes to preference.   I also have some two piece spinning rods as well as a one piece spinning rod, are there difference in how they feel YES, will they both do the job YES, the key thing is to leave yourself some wiggle room for mixed fishing applications.

One piece rods in really long lengths like 7ft or longer are harder to move around, find storage space for them, BUT this does not mean to avoid them simply build a selection that make you a versatile amateur fishing person !

Have a two piece for easy transport on the fly when fishing is a last minute decision, then have some one piece rods for stronger bigger fish applications, throw in a telescopic rod for strength and easy transport.

We think far too much sometimes WHY because you can get all three types of rods in different strength applications, I have a heavy action 6ft one piece that fits perfectly in most places, will it fold up and fit in the trunk NO so I don’t put it in the trunk it fits fine in the back seat.

Just don’t avoid any of these types because of what you hear in the end an unhappy fisherman, fisher woman or fishing kid is much worse then being able to fold up a fishing rod.

The AMFisH guy…

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