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Pike gone wild! The story of a great day of pike fishing.

Hi fellow anglers, fishing enthusiasts and AMFisHers! This blog post is titled Pike gone wild and it’s a good title for my most recent day of fishing this past weekend.

I was out at a local conservation lake targeting largemouth bass and was planning on doing some pike fishing as well, but the bass were nowhere to be found. The water was very calm all day, with very little wind so I knew the fishing might be tough but it was actually the opposite fish were feeding all day long.


Sometimes the conditions appear one way but the fish will always tell us what is going on. With the water looking like a large piece of glass, motionless and all the first sign of what fishing would be like was all the activity going on in nature. Birds were flying around chirping, frogs were croaking, bug were flying around, ducks were feeding on the water as were Canadian goose, a lot of water activity that confirmed the fish would be feeding.

I started to fish various areas I usually catch bass in and even those tight to shorelines thick weed areas and I got a massive first strike by a dock. I thought it was a bass at first as it behaved like a bass then I saw it was a nice size pike that smashed my LIVETARGET top water hollow body sunfish bait. As I continued to fish the tall weed shoreline I was getting top water strike after top water strike on my sunfish bait, crazy hard strikes as well!


The biggest pike of the day actually smashed the bait felt it was hooked and jumped out of the water backwards back into the 6 foot tall weeds, then wrapped me around several bundles trying to get free. The baits of the day were the LIVETARGET hollow body sunfish which is a top water bait, the Freedom Tackle Corp. Hydra shad which is a hair jig style bait that I tipped with a white curly tail grub and a Sebile black and chartreuse lipless cranbait, all baits caught several fish for me.

It was one of those fishing days where you just knew you could not do anything wrong, all the baits I had planned on using were catching fish even though it was not the fish species I was targeting, the baits were all bang on to what the fish were feeding on. During this 8 plus hour day of fishing I ended up catching only pike and about 20 of them in total, ranging from little hammers about 14 inches long right up to a few over 20 plus inches, so it made for one of those awesome fishing days!


Those first few minutes on the water can really tell you a lot about what is going on that day, so be sure to pay attention to what nature is telling you, it can really be a huge game changer when it comes to catching or not catching fish. I started out making 10 casts with each bait, if nothing was getting attention I would switch between the three baits I had decided to use that day. The best performing bait by far on this day was the hydra shad hair jig style bait, in a white with red pattern. The bait itself was about 6 inches in overall length and as always I added a three each white curly tail grub as a trailer for added action and scent, which really sealed the deal!

This was a new bait I was trying this season and it worked so well for me that when I cast it out the first time I had a fish on in seconds. Now granted the fish were feeding but the bait looked good enough to them right from the start that they were making it a meal! When you have a high level of confidence thinking a bait will work for you, it can definitely turn an average fishing day into an awesome fishing day!


Trying new baits each season and sometimes even trying those new baits you bought and have yet to try out is always a good thing, as you learn how to use that new bait and also learn if you have confidence using it. I could not have asked for a better fishing day, the fish were all over the place and hitting everything I was using, let’s call this day an anglers dream day of fishing!

I ended up capturing a lot of great video clips and some really cool fish catch pictures, even though it was a drizzling rain on and off day I did everything I could to make sure I took great fishing pictures by utilizing the hazy bright sky to my advantage. All in all is was a great outing and some much needed time spent fishing!

Tight lines everyone!

The AMFisH guy…

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