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Positive thinking and staying positive while fishing…

So much to talk about when it comes to positivity and how it really affects us in life, so I figure I will share a quick story about “positive thinking chats” I have had many of with a close friend I currently work with.

His name is Vanja Vojvodic and he is a professional MMA fighter out of Toronto(visit his site for more on positive thinking, he has some really good posts, who is nicknamed “honey badger” because he is absolutely ferocious in the octagon.  Well while working with him for the past several years, we have shared some pretty intense conversations about “positive thinking” and how it really affects us in life.  

Well I can assure you positive thoughts will take you a very long way, you just need to learn how to block out of quite frankly walk away from the negativity we face each day.  Applying this same positive thinking while fishing will in fact has the same positive affect !  

If a fishing day starts with any form of negativity(applies to anything really) it will completely impact that day on the water.   Thoughts of not catching fish will drown your mind frustrating you to such a level where your concentration is completely destroyed.

So the trick is to find those positive thoughts and drown yourself with them !  Once these thoughts take over you will not only be focused for whatever the day throws at you on the water.  

Yes there is always the “easier said then done” attitude we can all take but I look at it more like “it is easier done then said”, why because it is a complete and utter waste of time to focus on the negative, it drags you down and in most cases is caused by things that are completely out of our control.

Make every effort to brush away anything that is negative related, example sleeping in on a fishing day, getting to the boat launch to find too many boats lined up to launch, getting a bird nest(professional overrun as they call it in the U.S.) on the first cast, “SHIT WILL HAPPEN” get over it and move on !

The AMFisH guy…

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