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Positive thinking…..more needed to be typed…

As my last post stated staying as positive as possible, even when it is a really trying time will definitely be a blessing that was in disguise !   My friend Vanja the MMA fighter and I continue to share many more conversations that are all driven through positivity.   Through all these talks both our lives has gone no where else but upward !

We have these talks each and every week, with the outcome our thoughts feeding of of the positivity the other person talks about….this is flat out cool ! ! !  So to tie a little more about positive thinking to fishing, a great example is from observations I have seen on the water.   Two guys were in a boat not too far from where I was fishing, laughing and having a blast.  The out of no where the negativity reaped it’s ugly face, an argument over someone dropping something in the boat, escalated to yelling, which escalated to even louder yelling.  Before I could even blink these two were ready to go at right there on the water, somehow the show was over and their boat went quite….what happened next could not be avoided, they were both getting frustrated with themselves.

They could no longer do anything right, one guy got his line all tangled up the other guy banged his leg trying to balance himself, all the chemistry in the boat was completely gone.  This was all in due to something having been dropped in the boat, sure it’s disruptive but in the end will really not impact fishing so they should have left well enough alone.

All I can say is negativity spreads “BIG TIME”, I have done nothing but focus all my efforts on moving myself away from it, especially when fishing because it is something I love to do, look forward to doing it after a busy work week and in all honestly make all efforts to not let anything ruin my outings.

Keep those thoughts as positive as possible, because in the end if you are out fishing with any negativity you will catch “SQUAT”…

The AMFisH guy…

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