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Positivity thought for the day!

Hi everyone thought I would pass along a positivity thought for the day, as it is great to share and inspire others!

If you surround yourself wit nothing but positivity, meaning situations you put yourself in, people you hang out with, the job you go to each and every day you will quickly see that negativity seems to “vanish”!

This usually happens within the first several days, WHY well negativity is quite contagious and being around it for too long will result in it getting a grasp on you, so once you choose to hang out with the positive people in your life, get out of that bad job you dislike, stop listening to everyone who is negative and refuses to snap out of it things all of sudden simmer down leaving you feeling great, refreshed and happy!

Is it easy to stay in that frame of mind for long? It sure is as I have been living my life this way for a long while now and turning back to that negativity stuff is not an option, as life should be “amazing”, it should be filled with happy moments, memories being created daily, sure it will have it’s ups and downs but hey nothing is perfect BUT we can strive for reaching a place that makes us feel great and allows us to be the true person we are all the time….that alone is priceless trust me on this one.

Positivity = smiling, happiness, memories, love, passions, dreams, enjoyment, fulfilment, inspiration, harmony…this list goes on and on so try adding a few more to this list on your own sometime, you will see in mere seconds that the negativity list quickly loses to this one!

Have a great day everyone!  = )

The AMFisH guy…

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