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R bend of closed loop for spinner baits…

There are two types of spinner baits when it comes to tying them on or using a leader with them.  The R bend is like the one in the recent pictures I posted, this type allows you to tie directly to the bait in the centre of the R bend, which in turn results in a very straight bait retrieve.  R bend is not the greatest with a leader and swivel, as it will slide up and down, getting stuck up high on the wire by the blades.  Granted it will retrieve and you can land a fish BUT it will retrieve with a more wobbly way making the bait not run completely straight. 

If you get a fish on as well the leader and swivel moving around could result in the wire snapping in half(has happened to me many years ago), which is why I recommend using the R bend ONLY when you tie line directly to the wire.

The closed loop can also have line tied directly to it BUT because it is more circular by how it is made I find the tied knot slides around more resulting in constantly having to adjust it.  These closed loops work great for leaders and swivels BUT again the issue surfaces of the bait not running completely straight on the retrieve, almost kicks up and down not leaving a clean running line.

At the end of the day I totally recommend teaching yourself some really good fishing knots like the palomar knot I have blogged about in the past and tying directly to R bend style spinner baits, you will quickly learn why I am recommending using this style this way.

The AMFisH guy…

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