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Some fall fishing tips !

The fall season has arrived here in Canada and it can really be an “insanely” productive fishing time !  I call it the fall feed, fish start packing on the pounds for the winter months so it is a great time to catch some heavy ones !

Some tips to consider are starting your days a little later, with the cold mornings starting to be regular daily it takes some time for the day to break, so there is really no need for that 5am start time………some places with a slightly different fall sure but places like Canada makes for a very chilly non productive fishing morning.

Then you will want to consider size of baits, I say this because I have always downsized my baits, meaning started with smaller stuff like mepps spinners, smaller cran baits, smaller soft plastic creatures baits, stuff like that.   It can make a big difference as these smaller baits are nothing more then a mouthful at most, making it an easy snatch and grab for a fish.

Fish the rough wavy water as well, bait fish schools are pushed all over the lake and there is nothing better then mixing your bait in amongst them !

Start working your baits a lot slower, fast action cranking is a no no in the colder weather, slower steady retrieves with lots of long pauses will work much better in the long run.

Fall can produce some record fish, I have been out hunting for the “BIG” muskies these past few weekends, saw a few that were monsters and working on getting a few on my line before the water freezes over.

The AMFisH guy…

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