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Sometimes the fish just don’t bite…

Hi fellow AMFisHers! Thought I would write a post about fish not biting sometimes, WHY well it happens as it did to me this past weekend.

I was out late fall fishing for pike and musky, weather was great water looked good, fish finder was stacked with fish BUT nothing was biting.

I trolled big baits, smaller baits, quicker, slower, spent time casting various baits and don’t you know it 5 hours and 22 baits later I had not seen a fish or caught anything.

What do you do at this point? Well I kept fishing studying the spots, tried slow presentations which also did not work, SO I decided to fish various spots and took the opportunity to try some baits I wanted to learn how to work more efficiently.

I could have wasted the day and left the lake or stayed put and kept on trying to put a system together in hopes I could get I to some fish.

It happens there will be times where the fish are there and not interested in any baits, in the end utilize that day on the water and work some baits you are interested in knowing how to work better.

The AMFisH guy…

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