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Species I fish for and having the right gear to fish for them…

Unfortunately fishing for all species is quite the task as various gear/tackle is required for specific fish.   I have been a bass guy(both large mouth & small mouth), pickerel(known as walleye), northern pike and musky.

I am also a pan fish fisherman from time to time as it is a lot of fun finding some aggressive pan fish that will not stop biting !   As I mentioned fishing for all species is quite the task when it comes to being prepared gear wise to tackle them all.  Advantage of targeting the species I listed above is the gear can be utilized for almost all the species I fish for. 

Musky on the other hand can really do a number on your regular fishing gear which has led me to invest some money in much better heavier musky gear that will handle casting and retrieving larger baits, not to mention actually making it through a fight with a huge fish ! 

It will all come down to what species intrigue you and spark that “I want to fish for” sentence in your thoughts…

The AMFisH guy…

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