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Spooling line onto reels…

There are some good ways to spool line on reels, I totally recommend either picking up a little plastic line spooling box as it also can be a storage box for spools of line.  Or you can make your own out of a shoe box and a long pencil.   Puncture the box from one side to the other, place the spool of line on the pencil then insert each end of the pencil through each hole, making your pencil secured.  

From here you tie a secure knot on to your spool and begin putting the line on your reel !   One thing to remember is line being put on a bait casting reel should be put on with the spool being vertical, basically picture the spool upright like a tire.   This will eliminate a lot of the extra loops in the line as it will come off the line spool and onto your reel spool in the same direction is was spooled in the package.

BUT with spinner reels line is much better spooled on leaving the spool lying flat on the ground, as you spool line on your reel the line will spool off in loops and those same loops will be coiled around the spool again in the same direction.

ALWAYS make sure you tie a very secure base knot on the reel spool, this is crucial so take the time to learn some good base knots.

The AMFisH guy…

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