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Spring fishing !

Spring fishing, one of the most amazing fishing times of the year….well all depends on where you live and fish.  Here is Canada the weather is quite “insane” leaving us fisherman couped up for several months unless you are into ice fishing.

There is truly something to be said about spring fishing, melt off of snow, rejuvenation of the water ways and roaming aggressive fish ready to strike !   Bass season here does not open until late June but the early season pike fishing is more then enough to keep my fishing rods bending over time and time again.

Simple rules I follow is fishing the shallows, break point to very healthy deeper weeds and pretty much all the shoreline I can cast to throughout the day.  Fast moving baits seem to be irresistible to pike in the early season, coming off a long non active cold winter, they really do get quite aggressive once the weather warms up.

Small fast moving crank baits like the mann’s. cotton cordel, strike king lip less cranks and spinnerbaits end up producing the most fish !  Why, well again as the weather warms up fish seem to move around more in the warmer spring water, always see lots of bait fish through the water re-birth stage as I call it.

Cast the shores and keep and eye out for the various bait species, as those are the areas you will  have the most success fishing.  Pike love to ambush baits, have caught many in one spot kind of like they are staking it out because they know schools of bait are in that area.

Get out there with those fast moving baits, cast your heart out like I do and you will quickly learn why spring fishing is really cool !

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