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Spring fishing no need for the really early start.

Hi AMFisHERS still in this early spring stage and thought I would share some more fishing tips with all of you!   Due to the weather still being relatively cool especially the overnight temps, there is no need to get up very early to be at the lake for 7:00am.

Best way to treat this time of year when it comes to fishing is with a later start in the morning, that way the water has warmed up and the day has finally broken to the sun coming up.

Sure you can hit the water very early when it is still very cool and you may catch a fish or two BUT the real fishing usually starts when the water starts to warm up and the fish start to move around more quickly.

It’s almost like fishing in the early fall when the weather starts to get cold, hitting the lake very early will only result in some frustration as to why you can’t catch fish.  

Enjoy some extra sleep for the month of May and keep an eye on those evening temperatures, as long as they stay cool you sleep in the next morning, should they forecast warmer evenings then you can start to fish earlier and earlier.

Take your time enjoy those spring mornings and when you see that sun is starting to rise finish that coffee and toast for a few more minutes then take your time heading to the lake, you may be shocked at the fish catching result of those later starts.

The AMFisH guy…

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